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What We Do

During the School Year

Over the school year, college students are embedded alongside elementary school teachers during every hour of instruction. Based on their academic and personal strengths, these college students are matched with underperforming 3-5th grade classrooms to provide targeted support to students. This encourages teachers to differentiate curriculum by identifying groups based on assessment data and then delegating the instruction of specific concepts. Typically, college students alternate days that they are not enrolled in courses (ex: one works M-W-F while the other works T-Th), ensuring that there is always someone within the class; because they are committing for at least a year, a strong relationship with the students and the teacher is imperative, and the basis for the model’s success. Click here to learn more and apply.

Over the Summer

Every summer, iEducate organizes a free enrichment camp for 4-5th grade students at participating elementary schools, led entirely by college & high school youth. We work with several partner organizations to aggregate a bridge and enrichment curriculum that reinforces key math, science and reading concepts (TEKS) as well as activities involving STEM, robotics, art and SEL curriculum. The camps are managed entirely by a team of college and high school students, participating in everything from lesson plan design to fundraising and eventually teaching & operations. There are several leadership opportunities for college & high school youth. Click here to learn more and apply.

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