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What We Do

Coaching & Mentoring

iEducate recruits & assigns college students from universities for focused math & science intervention inside elementary school classrooms. These college students work alongside teachers during regular class hours, thereby bringing down the student-teacher ratio. Teachers use data to determine the students’ needs and then have the college student tutors remediate instruction, allowing the elementary school students to learn at their own pace and receive the needed intervention. In addition, the tutors promote a college-bound environment by applying the learning to their own majors and career goals.


Every year we conduct science and math workshops as a partnership with NASA and Schlumberger. The purpose of these workshops is to captivate students with experiments in the:

  • earth sciences
  • life sciences
  • physical sciences

In addition to the this hands-on experience, the workshops involve industry professionals including engineers, scientists and doctors. Our goal is to open students’ eyes to various careers, and inspire them at an early age to pursue such opportunities.

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