Carmen Johnson teaches fifth grade math at Crockett Elementary School, and has worked alongside┬áiEducateUSA Fellows since the program’s inception. She recently asked her students to write anonymous letters to students at a prospective school, letters that she says “open our eyes to the childrens’ perspective of how great the iEDU┬áprogram truly is”. These letters are displayed below.

The iEducateUSA Fellows take good students and make them into great students. Students at the beginning of the year who had little faith in their math abilities are now convinced that they can be successful, because the Fellows encourage them to think and reason. Every student has grown academically from their relationships with the Fellows, a relationship of trust where the students look up to these college undergraduates as role models. They recognize that it takes hard work to learn so they study harder and persevere.

I wish that this program could be replicated for every elementary campus.

-Carmen Johnson, Math Teacher, Crockett Elementary School

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