iEducate held its 3-Day Explore! Science Workshop at Crockett, Blackshear, Sherman and Eliot Elementary schools from May 31 through June 2, 2016. The science workshop was an all-volunteer effort in collaboration with employees of Schlumberger, NASA, and Baylor College of Medicine. The program was designed around providing an exposure and enriching experience in science to the 3rd - 5th grade students of under-served elementary schools. The program was led by STEM-focused college and high school student volunteers, who carried out in-class lectures and activities on various topics designed to instill excitement around the earth, physical and life sciences (such as making a DNA replica using gummy bears and Twizzlers, or designing an electronic circuit from scratch).

On June 2nd, the workshop concluded at each school with an award ceremony for the participating students and their parents, during which the students led presentations about what they had learned over the three days.


iEducate also expanded its 3-week Bridge summer camp beyond Crockett Elementary this year to include Blackshear Elementary. The Bridge camp was also an all-volunteer initiative directed towards bridging the curriculum gap between grade levels, and keeping the┬ástudents academically engaged throughout the summer, a time which otherwise would have been unproductive. The program was led by over 30 college student master teachers and over 100 high school volunteers who handled a classroom teaching environment with a mix of 3rd – 5th graders in small groups, providing a personalized learning experience to each elementary school student.

The Explore! Science Workshop and Bridge Summer Camp are integral parts of iEducate, which extend the program’s mentorship throughout the year and ensure that all students have the opportunity to expand their interests in math & science regardless of their economic status. Over 250 HISD students participated in this year’s summer programs!