iEducate celebrated its 3rd anniversary on November 4th at the Asia Society with over 100 guests that included our team members, educators, public officials and industry partners. Special guests included Congressman Al Green, City Controller Chris Brown, the Consular Corps from Costa Rica and India, Retired HISD Superintendent Dr. Billy Reagan, State Education Policy Advisor Ben Bhatti, ProUnitas CEO Adeep Barqawi, and Houston Director of Education Juliet Stipeche. Schlumberger VP of Industry & Gov’t Affairs Dan Domeracki was the keynote speaker, and renewed SchlumbergerÔÇÖs commitment to iEducate to provide support in expanding beyond Houston.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-1-18-34-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-20-at-1-04-53-pmCongressman Al Green congratulated iEducate on its commitment to improving the quality of life for youth through mentorship and STEM educational programs. He spent time addressing the students on how valuable their contribution was and thanked them for the difference they are making. Finally, he presented a certificate of special congressional recognition to iEducate in honor of the service to the community.

Dr. Roopa Gir introduced the team members and partners and talked about the iEducate vision. The highlight of the evening was what followed: heartfelt remarks by iEducate tutors who shared their life-changing experiences in the elementary school classrooms. A huge thanks to Jameel Jordan, Kayla Montejo, Donald Bici, Sarah Stockman and HISD Student Congress Speaker Jessica DeBoe for captivating us all by sharing their experiences.

Thank you to Anne Chao and Asheet Yagnik (who sponsored the event at the Asia Society), and the many sponsors including Schlumberger, Infodat, IACF, Just Energy, Munshi CPA and individual contributors Sanjay Rao and Dr. Dominic Sreshta.