Our Mission

iEducate connects young adults who aspire to teach with students who need to learn

More Than a Tutor

iEducate embeds college students alongside teachers to enhance the learning of underserved students.

Since 2013, iEducate has built a network of more than 1,000 tutors that provide whole-class support and targeted instruction to students through individual and small-group sessions. These motivated, inspiring college students have already positively impacted more than 15,000 elementary school students.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, iEducate has worked with districts to overcome the challenges of remote instruction and support learning recovery efforts.


Management Team

Unity Ayala

Interview & Selection Team

Mircle Carter

Senior Manager, Operations

Alexis Elafros

Director, Operations

Arun Gir


Cesar Del Aguila

Senior Manager, School Partnerships

Dominica Nieto

Data and Compliance Manager

Vanessa Villatoro

Manager, Tutor Development

Sophia Jones

Manager, Tutor Development

Nishant Kelkar

Manager, Marketing

Dominic Palesch

Manager, Program Implementation

Ajit Paralkar


Monet Zeno

Manager, Tutor Development

Joni Van Reenan

Senior Manager, School Partnerships

Wayne Spiegel

Senior Manager, Systems & TechnologY

Cherille Davis

Office Administrator

Daniel Denslow

Senior Manager, Operations

Kevin Pattison

Director, Operations

Joseph Perez

Manager, Operations

Melissa Guillermo

Manager, Tutor Development

Jia Xie

director, Systems and innovation

Nancy Ventura

Manager, Tutor Development

Ivy Muyoti

Senior Manager, HR

Kenah Lyons

Manager, Tutor Development

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