College Readiness Mentor Portal

Forms and Surveys

Daily Data Tracker-Instructions

The policy & procedure CRMs follow to track small-group session & whole-class support data

Call Upload Form

The form CRMs upload their session recordings into after every small-group.

Student Exit Ticket – the exit ticket CRMs administer to students after every small-group session

Polo Shirt Order Form

The form CRMs use to purchase new iEducate polo shirts.

Biweekly Check-In

The survey CRMs are required to submit every two weeks to update iEducate & request any support needed.

Training Resources

Fall Academy presentations

Day 1 presentation

The presentation used to deliver Day 1 Academy

Day 2 – Keeping the End in Mind Note-Taking Exemplar

The note-taking exemplar used in the session with Region 4.

Day 4 presentation

The presentation used to deliver Day 4 Academy.

Technology Guide

The comprehensive guide for how to use all iEducate remote support program tech.

How to set Virtual Behavior Expectations

Examples of anchor charts & other ways to set behavior expectations in a virtual small-group.

How to check for understanding Virtually

Ideas for how to check for student understanding in the remote environment.

Program Resources

Email Templates

Daily Debrief Email Template

Template for daily update email to Partner Teacher.

Abscence Email Templates

The email templates CRMs use to inform their campus of an absence.

Call Scripts and Text Templates

Attendance Call Script & Text Template

The script and template CRMs use to increase student attendance in live virtual lessons.

Small-Group Reminder Template

The template CRMs use to remind parents & students of a remote small-group session.

Meeting Guides

Foundation Meeting Guide

Guide to the first CRM – Partner Teacher meeting.

The Weekly Check-In Meeting Guide

Guide to discuss student growth & give CRMs feedback.

Program Overview

CRM Handbook

The handbook for College Readiness Mentors, detailing their program requirements and expectations.

Guide to TriCore - HR Self Service App

Guide for how to access your pay stubs, W2, I-9, and any additional HR information.

Attendance Expectations

The flowchart detailing CRM protocol for absences & tardies.

iEducate Program Calendar 2020-2021

The iEducate calendar for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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1301 Fannin St, #2440

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