Our Mission

To educate today's children while elevating tomorrow's teachers.

The Challenge

The challenge as we see it is two-fold: first, achievement gaps for students in elementary school lead to greater gaps in education attainment in secondary school and beyond. Second, fewer people are choosing professional education pathways, leading to teacher shortages that impact student learning.

The Opportunity

iEducate addresses both challenges by recruiting high school and college tutors who provide individualized support to classrooms, while also providing a homegrown talent pipeline for schools in Houston. 

How We Do It


  • We partner with districts to recruit, train and support high school and college tutors to work alongside certified teachers in the classroom. 
  • Tutors provide one-on-one and small group support to students to help improve education outcomes for at-risk students.
  • Beyond helping improve student learning, tutors gain early exposure to the teaching profession, helping them identify and explore career paths in education.

Core Values

Foster Community


We thrive in a community that is curious, respectful, and joyful. We ask questions, we strive together, and we hold ourselves and others accountable.

Embrace Challenge


The challenge is great. We embrace it, take initiative, and and find new solutions to educational challenges.

Think Forward


We are persistent in our pursuit. We work with efficiency and innovation to drive forward using data to build systems.

Build Together


We believe we are stronger together. We collaborate, learn from each other, and work to together perspective and experience.


Tutor Testimonials

Connect With Students

“You get to learn who the students are and about the places where they come from. You find a way to connect with them and to help them focus on school and achieve their academic goals.”

– Tutor from Pugh Elementary (HISD)

Make a Difference

I once worked with a Spanish-speaking student from Honduras. He didn’t know how to read or write. He didn’t know the alphabet or the sounds of letters. Ever since I have been working with him, he has been able to read and it is such a wonderful feeling to see him participate in class and to see his confidence grow.” 

– Tutor from Pugh Elementary (HISD)

Pursure a Career in Teaching

“I definitely did not have an intention [of going into education] going into it…Once you’re in the classroom it gives you the inside perspective that you didn’t previously get to see. I really like that.  I like that the teachers can bond with each other. As a student, you don’t really see that the teachers really talk to each other. You see that every week they plan lessons and do so much planning for students.”

– Tutor from Jefferson Elementary (HISD)

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