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iEducate works with school districts to close achievement gaps by engaging youth mentors within the classroom model.


The most decisive factor between a college graduate and a high school dropout is early academic achievement, yet in Houston almost half of our publicly-schooled 5th graders are failing at the state-recommended level.
As a result, schools are forced to employ unsustainable measures in order to meet accountability, while their shared truths are not being systematically addressed:

  1. It is impossible to educate increasingly disparate classrooms – one teacher alone cannot differentiate instruction for the widening spectrum of learning levels.
  2. Without inspiration, students lack a fundamental value for education – as a result, they do not develop the self-efficacy needed to drive and sustain academic growth.

To tackle the problem of systemic underperformance, we must address these underlying issues by innovating the core of our education system: the classroom model.

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