iEducateUSA just hosted its 2nd annual Career Day at Braeburn and Crockett Elementary Schools. With over 30 professionals volunteering to speak to the classes, we were able to reach over 300 children. Our volunteers ranged from doctors, engineers and astronauts to dancers, artists and career advisors. Students from third to fifth grade were able to ask questions and were given small takeaways to savor the experience.

In addition to in-class tutoring, summer workshops and professional development, one of the four core pillars of the iEDU program is mentoring; without role models in their lives, children may have limited aspirations for their futures. This is increasingly a reality at HISD schools, where more than 80% of students are economically disadvantaged. Specifically, over 85% of students at Crockett and over 99% of students at Braeburn are economically disadvantaged. Both schools have seen phenomenal success with the iEducateUSA program, in which iEDU Fellows (tutors) are working alongside teachers in grades 3-5.

For the 2015 Career Day, the Crockett Elementary student orchestra greeted our volunteers with a phenomenal 15-minute performance. Known for being an arts-focused school, Crockett has shown extraordinary progress in science & math since adopting the iEDU program, rising from 28th to 76th percentile in the state of Texas. Crockett Elementary is currently applying for designation as a magnet school.

We are very excited about our next events this summer, beginning in June with the 3-day science workshop and 3-week enrichment camp to bridge the curriculum gap between grade levels.