Crockett STAAR GraphiEducateUSA launched its pilot at Crockett Elementary School in Fall 2013, serving only the 5th grade with four tutors (Fellows). In the following spring, four more Fellows were added to 4th grade science & math classes. Additionally, iEDU began hosting its summer workshops on topics such as life sciences, energy and space. In 2012, Crockett was ranked in the 28th percentile among all Texas elementary schools. Furthermore, both the 4th grade and 5th grade STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) passing rates in math were at 65%.

ÔÇ£iEducateUSA has not only been a pillar to support the math &┬áscience curriculum at Crockett, but also a bridge to extend and increase the students’ learning.ÔÇØ

-Claudia Chavez, Principal, Crockett Elementary School

Under the iEducateUSA program, Crockett has soared from the 28th to 76th percentile among Texas elementary schools, beating the state average in science and math scores by almost 10%. The 4th & 5th grade STAAR passing rates have increased by 10% in science and by almost 30% in math, with a third of the 5th grade students performing at an advanced level (grade A and above). Additionally, Crockett admitted the highest number of kids (8) from a single HISD school were to the Baylor STEM Middle School. These accomplishments are notable given that Crockett has always been a fine arts-focused school, and that it has outperformed peer schools (with similar demographics) that it was once trailing ever since adopting the iEDU program.